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Reply to Levi on Marx and Normativity

Levi posted a series of responses (1, 2, 3) to my post on Marx and Normativity, to which I owe a long overdue reply. I regret that it has come long after the discussion has grown cold, but finishing my … Continue reading

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Politics of Survival

Anthony Paul Smith has written a post on a debate that has cropped up within his forthcoming edited volume, After the Postsecular and the Postmodern: New Essays in Continental Philosophy of Religion. The debate, therein represented by Michael Burns and Alex … Continue reading

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*UPDATE* I want to clarify that I in no way intended any offense to Graham, or anyone else for that matter. I find the sort of remarks to which this post responds (and Graham is certainly not alone in making … Continue reading

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“From the standpoint of catastrophe”

I’ll be back to regular posting soon, including the Marx posts I’ve promised, but I’ve been very busy lately. In the mean time… Nina Power posts some thoughts on the privileging of ontology in philosophy to the detriment of the … Continue reading

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“And for the first time they begin to feel real ‘reality.'”

The words ‘down’ and ‘up’, according to Fuller, are awkward in that they refer to a planar concept of direction inconsistent with human experience. The words ‘in’ and ‘out’ should be used instead, he argued, because they better describe an … Continue reading

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Impatient Messianism

Messianic politics is often derided for its passivity, resignation, and ineffectuality. Yet these are not inherent vices, which I’ll attempt to demonstrate here by defending a very different sense of messianism. God’s Waiting Room Messianism is a matter of redemption. … Continue reading

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“A mind of its own”

Steve Shaviro, brilliant as usual, on Marxism vs Latour’s actor-network theory: I am sympathetic to Latour’s insistence that networked social processes cannot be explained in terms of global categories like “capital,” or “the social” – because these categories themselves are … Continue reading

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