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Reply to Levi on Marx and Normativity

Levi posted a series of responses (1, 2, 3) to my post on Marx and Normativity, to which I owe a long overdue reply. I regret that it has come long after the discussion has grown cold, but finishing my … Continue reading

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Normativity, Ideology, and Historicity in the Work of Karl Marx

I posted a comment on Levi Bryant’s recent post responding to some criticisms offered by Pete Wolfendale. You can read the exchange there if you’re interested, but I wanted to focus on something Levi said there, and on a comment … Continue reading

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Warwick Transcendental Realism Workshop, Laruelle Presentations

You may have already seen it elsewhere, but I’m glad to announce that I’ll be presenting at the Warwick Transcendental Realism Workshop alongside Pete Wolfendale (Deontologistics), Nick Srnicek (The Accursed Share), Tom O’Shea (Grundlegung), James Trafford, and Ray Brassier. I’ll … Continue reading

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Notes on the Ideal University

Why would you want to live anywhere other than a university? Why should a community be anything other than a school, whose overriding collective purpose is to contribute as far as possible in every activity to the continuing enrichment of … Continue reading

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Material Conditions of Philosophical Practice

The conference was an absolute success. The quality of the papers and discussions, the broad range of topics which nonetheless converge in so many productive ways, the enthusiasm, the camaraderie, the tone and atmosphere,  all simply astounding. I might do a recap … Continue reading

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Principles for Historical Materialism

1. If something like the present can be isolated, be it in a wholly artificial fashion, the materiality or substance of that present is the past. Everything existing now is nothing but the coagulation of the past at a given … Continue reading

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Class, struggle

Class struggle is not, first and foremost, the struggle between classes, social classes, already constituted as such. Struggle is the ground of such social classes, be they working and owning classes or any other. It is this struggle which, situated within … Continue reading

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