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Counter-Institutional Politics

The goal of an egalitarian politics is, in every instance, to foster, support, and sustain a maximal degree of collective self-determination. This is a piecemeal, painstaking task. It by definition cannot be accomplished all at once, as this self-determination must … Continue reading

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Notes on the Ideal University

Why would you want to live anywhere other than a university? Why should a community be anything other than a school, whose overriding collective purpose is to contribute as far as possible in every activity to the continuing enrichment of … Continue reading

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Principles for Historical Materialism

1. If something like the present can be isolated, be it in a wholly artificial fashion, the materiality or substance of that present is the past. Everything existing now is nothing but the coagulation of the past at a given … Continue reading

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If We’ve Never Been Modern, We Must Become Modern

Skimming through Bruno Latour’s We Have Never Been Modern, I’ve noticed a striking omission. The principle thesis of the book is that modernity involves the “work of purification”, which attempts to clarify (or impose) a sharp and exclusive divide between … Continue reading

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Class, struggle

Class struggle is not, first and foremost, the struggle between classes, social classes, already constituted as such. Struggle is the ground of such social classes, be they working and owning classes or any other. It is this struggle which, situated within … Continue reading

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“Neurology Death Cult”

“For just as the phenomenon of death indexes an anomalous zone in the conceptual fabric of the manifest image – the point at which our everyday concepts and categories begin to break down, which is why it remains a privileged … Continue reading

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Eliminative Marxism 1: Notes on Eliminativism

I’d intended to participate in an online reading group, proposed by Nate, centered on Chapter 25 of Marx’s Capital Vol. I, “The General Law of Capitalist Accumulation”, and had been preparing some preparatory posts on my reading of Marx, when … Continue reading

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