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A Spurious Metaphor

Yes, the structure of rational argumentation resembles that of a trial. Yes, holding people accountable in the course of an argument is akin to ‘policing’, just as punishing them through the imposition of detrimental normative statuses is akin, in a … Continue reading

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Preface on Clarity

Before beginning the substantive legwork announced in the last post, I want to clear something up. I complained about the lack of attention to clarity and rigor in my philosophical work up to this point. While I certainly take responsibility … Continue reading

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Learning to Think Again

Update: Pete Wolfendale has posted a brief reply to this post, complimenting and expanding on my thoughts here. Some time ago, I came to the conclusion that I had taken a wrong turn in my philosophical education. I had become … Continue reading

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On the Rift

Justin Erik Halldór Smith on the analytic-continental rift. As my recent work has drawn me more and more out of the continental and into the analytic tradition, I can’t help but sympathize with the assessment he borrows from Brian Leiter … Continue reading

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I meant to link to this earlier but it slipped my mind: Jonatham F Morich was kind enough to translate one of my older posts into Spanish. You can find his translation here, and the original here. I’m very flattered!

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Science and Metaphysics – A Cross-blog Event

At least since “speculative realism” became a catchword in the philosophy blogosphere, the relation between science and metaphysics has become a renewed concern. Commitment to “realism” seems to oblige some form of deference to the objectivity of scientific discourse, while … Continue reading

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Middlesex Philosophy Department Downsized

Many of you will have now heard about the despicable conduct of Middlesex University, and specifically the Dean of Arts and Education Ed Esche, in having cut the entirety of their philosophy department. Information is abounding, so here are just … Continue reading

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