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Normativity, Ideology, and Historicity in the Work of Karl Marx

I posted a comment on Levi Bryant’s recent post responding to some criticisms offered by Pete Wolfendale. You can read the exchange there if you’re interested, but I wanted to focus on something Levi said there, and on a comment … Continue reading

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Middlesex Philosophy Department Downsized

Many of you will have now heard about the despicable conduct of Middlesex University, and specifically the Dean of Arts and Education Ed Esche, in having cut the entirety of their philosophy department. Information is abounding, so here are just … Continue reading

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If We’ve Never Been Modern, We Must Become Modern

Skimming through Bruno Latour’s We Have Never Been Modern, I’ve noticed a striking omission. The principle thesis of the book is that modernity involves the “work of purification”, which attempts to clarify (or impose) a sharp and exclusive divide between … Continue reading

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Class, struggle

Class struggle is not, first and foremost, the struggle between classes, social classes, already constituted as such. Struggle is the ground of such social classes, be they working and owning classes or any other. It is this struggle which, situated within … Continue reading

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“Neurology Death Cult”

“For just as the phenomenon of death indexes an anomalous zone in the conceptual fabric of the manifest image – the point at which our everyday concepts and categories begin to break down, which is why it remains a privileged … Continue reading

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Utopian Schemes: King Gillette and Frederick Engels

Man Coporate. He absorbs, enfolds, encompasses, and makes the world his own. He will do more; he will penetrate the confines of space, and make it deliver up its secrets and power, for Mind, the Child of the great Oversoul … Continue reading

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“A mind of its own”

Steve Shaviro, brilliant as usual, on Marxism vs Latour’s actor-network theory: I am sympathetic to Latour’s insistence that networked social processes cannot be explained in terms of global categories like “capital,” or “the social” – because these categories themselves are … Continue reading

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