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Before “Our” Time

Jonas raises some crucial questions concerning my reading of Meillassoux in my previous post. Now this reading is central to the theory of temporality I’ve been working on, based around a version of ancestrality that departs from Meillassoux’s conception, so … Continue reading

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“It is clear that something terrible is coming.” (UPDATED)

This (via The Row Boat) is a good example of why philosophy needs non-philosophy. Not simply the rude disagreement, but what Peter Van Inwagen identified as the ‘two different styles of philosophy’ that seemingly cannot tolerate each other. “Dennett believes … Continue reading

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Non-Event 2: The Catastrophic Past

There is no disputing that, for Badiou, the Event is a thoroughly subjective category. The Event has no existence apart from being named by its faithful subjects, and from the process by which they explicate the consequences of the Event … Continue reading

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Non-Event 1: Counting Time

Michael provides a nice summary of the recent debate concerning Badiou and anthro-ontology (or maybe onto-anthropology, as that which the critique of onto-theology failed to leave behind) that has been brewing between Dominic, Graham and Levi. The debate continues briefly, … Continue reading

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The Limits of Realism: Correlationism and the Principle of Sufficient Philosophy

Speculative Realism is synonymous with the rejection of ‘correlationism’, or the Parmenidean Axiom, which claims that thinking and being are irrevocably bound. The formula of correlationism, according to Meillassoux, is that ‘to be’ always means ‘to be for-thought’ or ‘to … Continue reading

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Anontology 2: Ontology Without Objects

Readers may be curious why I have couched the concept dark matter, which is an avowedly ontological concept (or rather, a non-ontological or anontological concept), in such blatantly epistemological language – judgment, determinability, the ‘unknown unknown’, et cetera. Am I … Continue reading

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Speculative Realism vs. Spectral Realism

Michael over at Complete Lies has a nice post up, relating my discussion of dark matter to both Derrida’s hauntology and to Schelling’s ‘weird realism’. Don’t have much time to comment now, but highlights include his concept of the ‘presence’ … Continue reading

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