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Immanence 2: Returning Home

Immanence is what remains in its place, even when what had once occupied that place has departed. It is the remnant of a transcendence. Yet, to be cautious, we must make this relation clear. In a movement of transcendence, that … Continue reading

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Immanence 1: Departing, Remaining, and Abandoned Homes

Immanence: to remain in… Immanence is not and can not be presence, which is simply to be, to be there, to be therein. Im-manence: to remain in, therein, which already refers to contrast with departing, imparting, or parting-with. Immanence remains … Continue reading

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Not Not Philosophy

The growing enthusiasm and interest around Speculative Realism and Laurelle’s non-philosophy can not reasonably be ignored. I was indifferent at first, but my interest has been peaked after skimming Mullarkey’s Post-Continental Philosophy, and more recently, having started reading Ray Brassier’s … Continue reading

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Out Of It

Today, it is commonplace to question identity, to insist upon its problematic and unstable character. And yet, who today has the courage to submit this question to its own test? Who will question the identity of this question, which is … Continue reading

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Nothing Doing

In my previous post, “If All Else Fails”, I gave a brief overview of the typology of violence that Slavoj Zizek develops in his new book, Violence. I did so to indicate a form of violence I believe Zizek to … Continue reading

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Giving Rise

John McCain has recently engaged in some creative history in an attempt to cover his own tracks. As the above video recounts, he misrepresented the time-line of the War in Iraq, claiming the Anbar Awakening occurred after and because of … Continue reading

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