New Blog

The contents of this blog are no longer public. I wrote them when I was much younger, while still undergoing intellectual maturation. The material I had posted here no longer represents my views or interests, and was generally of a lower quality than that for which I presently strive.

I have kept one post public, as people still continue to seek it out.

I am now writing for a new site, The New Moral World.

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Non-Philosophy 1: The Use of Philosophy

In what follows, I hope to offer a sketch of non-philosophy that will introduce some of its key concepts. Non-philosophy relies upon a highly technical, abstract, and counter-intuitive vocabulary, whose terms are almost always defined in relation to one another. This makes it nearly impossible for the uninitiated to get the hang of it, barring total dedication and immersion. This problem is further complicated by the current lack of translated texts by Francois Laruelle, the founder of non-philosophy, and the other members of the Non-philosophy Collective. The few that are available are highly forbidding. Continue reading

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